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Water for Immunohistochemistry

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Lab Water Solutions

MilliporeSigma has developed a range of solutions adapted to the needs of scientists performing IHC. Below you will find links to the main solutions proposed for IHC applications:
The choice of an appropriate solution for glassware or instrument washers applications will depend on many factors:
  • The number of slides you process every day
  • The need for validation (or not)
  • The feed water source available in your laboratory
  • The daily water volume usage
  • The space available
  • The type of quality control that you wish to perform on water
  • The other applications which may require purified water in your laboratory
  • The possible evolution of your laboratory applications 
Therefore, to make the best choice of an purified water solution for your IHC application, contact us.

Our Application Specialists and our team of scientists will help you making the most appropriate choice taking these parameters as well as others in consideration.

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Milli-Q® Services for your water purification system

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