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MilliporeSigma has developed a range of solutions adapted to the needs of scientists using RNase-free water. Below you will find links to the main solutions proposed for RNase-free water:
The choice of an appropriate ultrapure water solution for RNase-free water will depend on many factors:
  • The need for water system validation (or not)
  • The feed water source available in your laboratory
  • The daily pure & ultrapure water volume usage in your laboratory
  • The space available
  • The on-line monitoring method(s) that you require to ensure that the water quality remains within specifications
  • The other applications which may require ultrapure water in your laboratory
  • The possible evolution of your laboratory applications 
Therefore, to make the best choice of an ultrapure water solution for your RNase-free water, contact us.

Our Application Specialists and our team of scientists will help you making the most appropriate choice taking these parameters as well as others in consideration.


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Milli-Q® Services for your water purification system

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