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Water for Hydrogen Generators

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Impact of Water

Hydrogen generators use electrolytic dissociation of water to generate a continuous supply of high purity hydrogen. Water purity is important for their optimal performance.

The following contaminants should be avoided:
  • Ions
    Ions present in the water may interfere with the electrolysis process, and damage the electrochemical cells. They should be avoided. Ion exchange resins and/or reverse osmosis technologies can remove most of the ions present in tap water, making water suitable for this application.
  • Particles
    Particles may deposit on lines and membranes, damage the electrochemical cells and interfere with the functioning of the instrument.
  • Organics
    High loads of organics could potentially create deposits on the surface of the electrodes or form a coating on the membranes, and thus impact the local current. In addition, organic compounds can be used as nutrients by bacteria, and should therefore be kept to a minimum. 
  • Bacteria
    Bacteria levels should be kept to a minimum, to prevent the formation of biofilm inside the instrument. bacteria levels can be minimized by controlling the levels of organics present in the water. Filtration may also be used. 
Users of hydrogen generators should follow manufacturer recommendations regarding the water quality required for their instruments. Water quality is important for the optimal operation of hydrogen generators, and some instruments have built-in resistivity or conductivity meters to help prevent damage to the instrument due to improper water quality. Freshly purified water, with a resistivity at or above 1 MΩ.cm is usually recommended.

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