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Stakeholder Engagement

Regulator dialogue with our key stakeholders helps to shape our corporate responsibility strategy and further refine our programs and initiatives. We want to continually map and understand the varying interests of stakeholder groups with our business operations. From our employees and customers to business partners, investors and regulatory agencies, we work with our corporate entity to ensure we maintain trust and our overall acceptance in the community.

We regularly solicit stakeholder input through multiple channels, including our formal materiality analysis, internal and external websites, Town Hall meetings, Investor Relations team and customer surveys. Another key way in which we engage with our stakeholders on environmental and social responsibility issues is through our participation and leadership in professional associations and through regular speaking engagements at events and conferences, such as with NAEM, the Premier Association for EHS Management and the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). This helps us to stay abreast of key trends and benchmark ourselves against other leading companies, as well as to share best practices and lessons learned. We consider this input in the context of our business operations and strategies, and we address the issues that represent significant impacts and are of important interest to stakeholders.

Stakeholder Advisory Group

Beginning in 2009, we convened a Stakeholder Advisory Group that provides valuable feedback on our corporate responsibility strategy, approach and reporting, and supports in identifying the material issues that should be our focus. This group includes individuals with expertise in corporate responsibility reporting, strategy and implementation, as well as a variety of environmental and social issues.

As we evolve our strategy, we expect that our continued interactions with this stakeholder group will shape key programs and initiatives, such as our product sustainability approach, and will strengthen our vision, strategy and reporting process to ultimately help us improve overall performance.


We recognize the value of responsible and equitable laws, regulations, and standards that protect communities and the environment and contribute to human and environmental health. Part of this includes actively participating in the political process and offering our viewpoints on key issues. For example, EMD Millipore has advocated for better U.S. policies on stem cell research. We have also provided guidance to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on appropriate greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets and strategies in accordance with the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act. We are involved in a number of organizations. For example, we are a member of the Corporate Council of the Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM).

Corporate Responsibility Report: Stakeholder Dialogue

2014 CR Report: Stakeholder Dialogue
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