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Regulated Product Information

In order to ship orders for certain chemicals that you may place with or for MilliporeSigma we would like to make you aware of the regulatory requirements and restrictions that apply to some of these materials.

Below you will find a summary cross reference chart

Click on the X linking a product(s) to a regulation to find out more details on that regulation including the necessary customer documentation to be completed prior to supply of that product.

Please note that some chemicals are covered by more than one set of regulations (e.g., nitric acid) and customers are advised to read all of the regulations listed below. Completing all the relevant documents at the time of opening your account, or shortly after, will allow us to deliver these products without the delays caused by subsequent need for documentation. Some documentation is valid for a one year period and in order to make efficient use of this validity it is recommended that you provide your MilliporeSigma "ship to" account code at time of order placement.

Regulations are subject to change by the relevant authorities and MilliporeSigma will aim to maintain the information affecting the sale of its products current at all times. In order to mitigate the risk that an order for an MilliporeSigma product is held pending compliance with such regulations, it is recommended that the product lists included on this website are downloaded periodically and checked for changes.

MilliporeSigma will not be held liable for any delays in product shipments arising from regulatory compliance needs under any circumstances.

Product Description
Antibiotic Regulations
State Ethanol Controls
Health Canada
Acetic Anhydride X
Antibiotics X
A-Toxin X
Barbituic Acid X
Benzyl Nicotinate X
Butanediol X
Carbon Tetrachloride* X
Chlorates (e.g. Potassium, Sodium) X
Cholera Toxin X
Cyanides (e.g. Potassium, Sodium) X
Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether X
Diisopropylamine X
Dimethylamine / Hydrochloride X
Enterotoxin X X
Ethyl Alcohol / Ethanol X
Ethylamine X
Fluorides (e.g. Potassium, Sodium, Ammonium) X
g-Butyrolactone X X
Hafnium (IV) Oxide X
Hydriodic Acid X
Hydrogen Fluoride X
Hydrogen Peroxide X
Hypophosphorous Acid X
Iodine X
Iodine and Iodine Mixtures**   X
Iriotec, Lazerflair, Minatec X
Magnesium Powder X
Malonic Acid  X
Methyl 3-Pyridinecarboxylate X
Methylamine X
Microcystin  X
Morpholine X
Nitrates (e.g. Potassium, Sodium, Ammonium) X
Nitric Acid (20% or greater) - US Only X
Nitric Acid (68% or greater) - Canada Only X
Nitrilotriethanol / Triethanolamine / Trolamine & salts X
Nitromethane X
Perchlorates (e.g. Potassium, Sodium) X
Phosphatase Inhibitors X
Phosphorus - Red X
Phosphorus Oxychloride X
Phosphorus Pentachloride X
Piperidine & mixtures X X X
Potassium Permanganate X
Reagent Alcohol X
Tetrodotoxins X X
Thionyl Chloride  X
Toxin Detection Kits Singlepath / Duopath / Foodproof / PCR X X
Tributyl Phosphate X
Trichlorotrifluoroethan X
Triethyl Phosphite X
Trimethyl Phosphite X
w-Conotoxins X X

*(Karl Fischer Coulometric reagents containing carbon tetrachloride)
**(such as Capping reagents, Karl Fischer Reagents containing iodine, Oxidizing Reagents)