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Total Solvent Management Solutions

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With a comprehensive portfolio of solvents, containers, withdrawal systems and a multitude of accessories, we deliver total solvent management solutions for your applications. All components are fully compatible to permit safe, simple, and contamination-free solvent handling and withdrawal – for maximum protection of your lab personnel and the environment.

Competence in User Safety

As the global market leader in laboratory reagents, we apply our demanding quality and safety standards not only to our reagents themselves, but also to the containers we supply them in. That’s why we continuously develop and improve tailor-made solvent withdrawal systems that meet the requirements of our customers. Today we are able to provide a broad range of withdrawal systems and containers that is unrivaled by any other manufacturer.

Solvent management solutions from MilliporeSigma help to improve your materials management, to minimize health risks for your employees and the environmental impact of packaging waste, and to implement more cost-effective disposal processes.

Feature and Benefits

  • Maximum user safety
  • Easy and contamination-free solvent handling
  • Application orientated solutions and individual installations

Flexible Withdrawal Options

Our broad range of withdrawal systems and accessories includes everything you need to ensure safe and easy handling and contamination-free withdrawal. To safely use your solvents, you can choose from different approaches:

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  • Direct withdrawal by manual pressurization
  • Direct withdrawal by connection to existing lab gas lines or cylinders of inert gas
  • Direct connection to instruments, e.g. HPLC system
  • Simultaneous maintenance of multiple laboratories
  • Individual installation according to your needs

Our withdrawal systems are perfectly suited to various containers and to the special requirements of high-quality solvent grades. All components are easily interconnectable thanks to a comprehensive selection of reducers, adapters and couplings. We also offer customized solutions for your individual needs – all the way to installing complete supply systems with central storage and supply and direct connection to your lab equipment.

Safety Features

MilliporeSigma withdrawal systems offer all relevant safety features required by laboratory safety regulations. All our products are especially developed to protect the health of your lab personnel, the environment, and the quality of your valuable solvents.

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Comprehensive Safety Equipment

Our essential safety equipment for barrels and drums comprises, among others, self-closing nozzles, pressure relief devices, gas-reducing valves for your house gas feeding, and anti-static devices for earthing metal containers used with flammable solvents.

Moreover, MilliporeSigma provides a broad range of special safety accessories for bottles, for example, connector screw caps for secure instrument connection, safety carriers, keys for easy and safe opening, and pre-designed labels with relevant safety information.

Measuring Filling Levels

Our unique laboratory sensor technology helps you to automatically monitor and manage filling levels in small containers, e.g. bottles or stainless steel containers from 10 l, according to your process requirements. Connected to the lab equipment or displays, level sensors react to low solvent levels by triggering an alarm, closing an actuator, or switching off a pump or instrument. This unique feature makes working with solvents safer then ever.

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