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Final Filtration Processing Steps

Applying membrane filtration to your beverage manufacturing process helps ensure the complete removal of particles and microorganisms. Final membrane filters are used to effectively eliminate 99 to 100% of undesirable microbial content, and are ideal as a microbial barrier in a multi-barrier process. Our filters are designed to give you superior performance in particle and microorganism removal in your beverage processing applications.

MilliporeSigma’s final filters meet FDA Indirect Food Additive requirements cited in 21 CFR 177.2910, and the criteria of USP <88> reactivity test for Class VI plastics. Our membrane filters are non-fiber releasing and manufactured in our facilities that adhere to FDA cGMP guidelines. beverage processing applications.

Membrane Selection Criteria

MilliporeSigma  offers a wide variety of membrane filters designed for those applications used in your beverage process. These applications are separated into two categories: liquid filtration and gas filtration. Hydrophilic filters are used for the filtration of aqueous solutions, while hydrophobic filters are used for the filtration of gases.

To ensure your target microorganism retention, base your choice of hydrophobic or hydrophilic filter on your feed stream characteristics, your process parameters, and the appropriate pore size rating.

Use this chart to determine the filter pore size you need based on the microorganism to be removed.

Filter Pore Size Microorganism to be removed
0.22 µm Bacteria
Brevundimonas diminuta

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Bacteriophage (Air Filtration)
0.45 µm Bacteria
Escherichia coli

Leuconostoc oenos

Pediococcus damnosus
Lactobacillus hilgardii
Oenococcus oeni
0.55 µm Bacteria & Yeast
Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Pediococcus damnosus

Lactobacillus brevis
0.65 µm Yeast
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
1.0 µm Protozoa


Final Filtration

Membrane, Depth and Final Filters

Membrane and Depth Filters
Each type of membrane filter and depth filter offers unique characteristics and distinct advantages. When you use the appropriate selection of membrane and depth filters, the filters will complement each other and provide you with an optimized microfiltration system and process.

Cross-section of a Vitipore II filter
Cross-section of a Vitipore® II filter

SEM of a Vitipore® II filter with Brevundimonas diminuta

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Final Filters

Final filters for liquids Final filters for gases
Vitipore® II and Vitipore® II Plus Aervent®
Durapore® CVDI Optiseal® with hydrophobic Aervent® membrane
Brewpore® Aerex® 2

Milliflex® Quantum Rapid Detection System

Milliflex® Quantum
Rapid Detection System

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