Elix® Type 2 Pure Water Systems

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Pure Water Systems

Elix® systems incorporate the unique, patented Elix® module. This environmentally-friendly electrodeionization module is based on electrochemical regeneration which replaces the chemical regeneration of conventional ion-exchange systems and also removes the need for chemical or resin disposal. With over 20 years of proven success, Elix® is suited to every user’s needs in today’s demanding laboratory environment. It is also the best feed for all Milli-Q® ultrapure systems.

Elix® Advantage

Elix® Advantage System
  • Pure water from tap
  • E-POD® advanced dispensing
  • Improved bacterial control
  • Patented Elix® EDI technology

Elix® Reference

Elix® Reference System
  • Pure water from tap
  • Patented Elix® EDI technology
  • Advanced features
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Elix® Essential

Elix® Essential System
  • Pure water from tap
  • Patented Elix® EDI technology

Milli-Q® HX 7000

Milli-Q® HX 7000
  • Pure water from tap, up to 9000 L daily
  • Superior communications interface
  • Elix® EDI and new E.R.A.™ water-saving technologies
  • Large laboratory or lab building needs
  • Brochure
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Milli-Q® Services for your water purification system

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Milli-Q® Services for your water purification system

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Petrochemical Analysis

Petrochemical Analysis

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