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Process-Scale Chromatography

Your key to a successful journey from process development to production scale.

The journey of a drug to market begins with a molecule that shows promise to treat, cure or prevent disease. There are many steps along this journey; one of the most important is the need to separate and purify your molecule from a complex feedstream. Chromatography is your answer to getting high purity products.

We offer an unmatched portfolio of chromatography resins, bufferscleaning in place solutions and compatible hardware like systems and columns that work seamlessly together. We offer safe, integrated solutions for each of your chromatography steps from process development to production scale. Coupled with proven expert support and backed by unparalleled applications expertise, we provide you with the confidence you need to tackle any chromatography challenge in your downstream process.

Our comprehensive chromatography portfolio is the result of extensive investigations to address the developing needs of the industry to perform state-of-the-art chromatography steps in the manufacture of today’s biotherapeutics. With this complete product offering, we continue to support you in your efforts to increase productivity and process efficiency.

Whatever your chromatography related downstream processing challenges, you will be confident in your results.

Webinar: High-throughput Process Development: Utilizing the Full Potential of Miniature Chromatography Columns - Watch Now

High-throughput Process Development: Utilizing the full potential of miniature chromatography columns

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