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Products and Services for Ophthalmic Formulation

Products and Services for Ophthalmic FormulationOphthalmic drugs pose special formulation challenges to manufacturers: In general, formulators must pay attention to tonicity, pH, stability, viscosity and sterility as well as microbiological purity that has to be assured also during time of use.

We offer the raw materials and services you need to accomplish even complex formulation goals in any dosage form – from eye drops to eyewashes and ointments to contact lens care.


  • Comprehensive product portfolio
  • Raw materials meeting high quality requirements
  • Emprove® documentation and regulatory support
  • Special services to support your processes

Our large product portfolio covers all excipient groups required for ophthalmic formulation, as viscosity enhancers, surfactants, buffers and ph regulation agents, as well as solvents and preservatives.

Moreover, we are ready to support your processes with a range of special services, e.g. pre-packs, customized packaging, or customized CoA.

Your fast track through regulatory challenges. The new Emprove® program. Learn More

Your Fast Track Through Regulatory Challenges.
The Emprove® program.

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The Role of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) in Ophthalmic Formulations

Webinar: The Role of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) in Ophthalmic Formulations

August 5, 2021

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