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Urea in API Quality

The quality and purity of starting materials used as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is of primary importance. Registering APIs, however, is complex and time consuming. That’s why we have extended our EMPROVE® api product line with urea in API grade quality – and are proud to be the first and only company to offer this product with a Certificate of European Pharmacopeia (CEP) and a US Drug Master File (Type II).


  • The only API grade urea on the market with a CEP and US Drug Master File
  • Meets quality requirements, compliant to Ph Eur, BP, USP
  • Part of our EMPROVE® api product line
  • Microbiological and melamine testing
Cat. No.Product DescriptionQuantity
108432 Urea cryst. suitable for use as active pharmaceutical ingredient EMPROVE® api Ph Eur, BP, USP 5 kg, 25 kg

As urea is widely used in topical dermatological applications the microbiological safety is important. That’s why all of our batches are tested for microbial burden and offered in clean-room packaging (double PE bags).

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