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Withdrawal Systems for Barrels and Drums

In order to ensure safe, easy and efficient solvent withdrawal for every application, MilliporeSigma has developed a broad variety of withdrawal systems that are tailor-made for solvents barrels and drums and designed to meet all relevant safety regulations.

By directly and securely connecting the solvent to the instrument or product line where it is needed, you protect your employees, your solvents and the environment, and you can precisely manage the flow of your materials for best results. The innovative design of our withdrawal systems even allows optimal removal of residual quantities. Thus, you benefit from optimized work processes, minimized risks, and cost-effective solvent use.

We offer safe, easy and flexible one-stop solutions for your daily solvent handling, comprising withdrawal systems for manual pressure build-up as well as inert gas pressurizing. Thanks to a comprehensive selection of reducers, adapters and couplings, all components and accessories of the integrated MilliporeSigma solvent supply system are easily interconnectable.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
902333 Dip tube
101123 Withdrawal system for solvents
901919 Hand pump ball
946627 Hand pump ball
902331 Dip tube
901782 Seal (O-ring 56x3.6 mm)
119171 Withdrawal system for solvents
902332 Dip tube
902334 Dip tube
695020 200L Drum Stainless Steel Solvent Pump
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