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Tubings for Your Individual Connection Requirements

MilliporeSigma’s modular solvent withdrawal systems comprise an extensive range of application-oriented components that are carefully matched to each other for maximum flexibility and efficiency. In order to make sure that our customers can adjust their individual installations to their specific operating environments, we offer various tubings for different connection requirements – from solvent supply to feeding gas for pressurizing. Our product range includes tubings with, for example, pipe connectors for direct connection of a 10 mm pipe, with rapid-action connectors for connection to our threaded adapter, or with both connector types.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
902450 Stainless steel-coated PTFE-tube (80 cm)
902451 Stainless steel-coated PTFE tube (80 cm)
948501 Stainless steel-coated PTFE-tube (80 cm)
942896 Stainless steel-coated PTFE-tube (80 cm)
942898 Stainless steel-coated PTFE-tube (100 cm)
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