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Safe and Convenient Solvent Withdrawal for Barrels and Drums

Safe and convenient solvent withdrawal for barrels and drums

MilliporeSigma offers a wide range of safety accessories for solvents barrels and drums in order to ensure maximum withdrawal safety, compliance to safety regulations, and more convenience for your day-to-day solvent operations. All our products are especially developed to protect the health of your lab personnel, the environment, and the quality of your valuable solvents.

Our essential safety equipment comprises pressure relief devices, gas-reducing valves for your house gas feeding, and anti-static devices for earthing metal containers used with flammable solvents. Moreover, we provide stainless steel clamps for securely attaching filling nozzles, keys for easy and safe opening, and pre-designed labels containing all required and relevant product safety information at a glance. Our unique level sensors help you to automatically monitor and manage filling levels according to your process requirements.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
963389 Adapter with S40 thread, with level sensor for emptying solvents in bottles
108803 Drum key
963390 Adapter with S40 thread with sensor
107070 Antistatic device
108804 Container key
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