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PEGylation Reagents

The Novabiochem® brand offers a range of bifunctional PEG reagents of different lengths with many useful applications in peptide and protein chemistry. For example, they can be used as solubilizing spacer groups to link peptide subunits or protein domains, to separate reporter groups, such as a fluorescent label or biotin, from the peptide chain, and to increase the solubility of otherwise intractable sequences.

Our derivatives are either single chemical entities, or in the case of longer chains, prepared from highly purified PEG, to ensure products of maximum homogeneity, free from contaminating oligomers. In the naming convention adopted by Novabiochem®, the number of atoms introduced by the spacer is given after the name and the number of PEG units by a subscript. Other components such as glycolic acid and aminopropyl groups are not included in the trivial name; only terminal functionalities are given.

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