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Fluorescence Indicators

MilliporeSigma provides various selected high-quality fluorescence indicators for a wide range of applications, e.g. for complexometric or precipitation titration, dye tracing in liquids, as stains and dyes for visualizing cells, cell components, chromosomes and bacteria in microscopy, or for detecting antigen-antibody reactions.

For example, in precipitation titrations where a well-defined change in hydrogen-ion concentration, oxidation potential, or metal-ion concentration occurs at the equivalence point, indicators whose fluorescent properties in solution are influenced by one of these properties can be used for endpoint determination.

In water tracing, fluorescent dyes are commonly used for determining water flow. Uranine AP from MilliporeSigma is a great water tracing solution: It is easily soluble and stable in water, has extremely low toxicity, and it is highly detectable even at low concentrations thanks to its fluorescence.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
102498 Chromotropic acid disodium salt dihydrate
102315 Calcein indicator
107243 1,2-Phenylenediamine
108462 Uranine AP (C.I. 45350)
109182 Fluorescent indicator F₂₅₄
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