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Filtration and Clarification Products

With filter and clarification materials from MilliporeSigma, you benefit from excellent quality as well as more eco-friendliness. Their outstanding features ensure maximum reliability for your applications.

Filtration is a mechanical separation process for the separation or purification of substances. Our range of filtration products comprises aluminum oxide fibers usable as filtration and insulation agents, glass wool for filtering in analytical processes and for drying, as well as sea sand suitable for filtering and clarifying extremely contaminated water and solutions.

Many MilliporeSigma reagents and materials are especially safe to use and protect the environment. Our high-quality sea sand, for instance, is a fully natural product consisting predominantly of silicon oxide. Another example is our aluminum oxide fibers: In contrast to asbestos fibers, they are not carcinogenic and can thus be safely used and disposed of.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
104086 Glass wool
107711 Sea sand
115754 Aluminium oxide
107712 Sea sand
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