Ready-to-Use Volumetric Solutions for Precise Titration Results

Sophisticated and correct analyses require precisely adjusted, certified volumetric solutions. MilliporeSigma offers a comprehensive portfolio of titrant solutions suitable for a vast number of applications.

Titripur Ready-to-use Solutions

Titripur Ready-to-use Solutions

Our Titripur® product line comprises a wide range of ready-to-use volumetric solutions including titrants manufactured and tested in compliance with the European and US Pharmacopoeias. Titripur® volumetric solutions are traceable to primary reference materials from NIST.

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Titrisol Concentrates

Titrisol Concentrates

We also provide many of our volumetric solutions as easy-to-use Titrisol® concentrates in order to simplify your daily work if you regularly perform different types of analyses.

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In order to safeguard the high quality of Titripur®, Titriplex® and Titrisol® volumetric reagents, effective packaging is needed that protects our solutions from impurities and contamination. The Titripac® package system from MilliporeSigma features a hermetically sealed pack with an integrated withdrawal tap and independent internal liner that can be disposed of separately from the outer carton.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
116770 TISAB-III solution
160311 Sodium thiosulfate solution
160305 Acetic acid
109982 Sulfuric acid
109139 Sodium hydroxide solution
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