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High-Purity Salts for Instrumental Inorganic Analysis

Sample preparation in instrumental trace analysis requires extremely pure preparation reagents – because any impurity can compromise measurement accuracy. With Suprapur® high-purity salts from MilliporeSigma, you can have the fullest confidence in your analytical results

We provide salts with purities from 99.99% up to 99.9999% - so you will definitely find the right product for your application. Suprapur® high-purity salts for sample preparation in instrumental analysis are produced under strict conditions in a clean room area using sophisticated production and crystallization techniques. Our ISO 9001 quality management makes sure that Suprapur® salts show the high batch-to-batch consistency you have come to expect from MilliporeSigma. A batch-specific Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with extensive impurity profile is available for each product.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
104938 Potassium chloride
105109 di-Potassium hydrogen phosphate
105002 Potassium hydroxide hydrate
104763 Iodine
105108 Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
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