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Aquastar® Solvents for Oils and Fats

When determining the exact water content in oils and fats, it is particularly important that the samples are completely dissolved or dispersed in order to extract all the water contained in the sample during determination. MilliporeSigma offers a range of solvents that are especially suited for this purpose, depending on the type of oil or fat to be determined. Our portfolio of Aquastar® solvents for oils and fats includes chloroform-free solvents for one-component and two-component titrations.

Aquastar® CombiSolvent Oil and CombiSolvent Fats

Mineral oils are mainly a mixture of long-chain hydrocarbons with aromatic compounds, whereas fats consist primarily of glycerol esters of higher fatty acids. Due to their different dissolution properties, these two classes of substances require different dissolution aids. Therefore we provide appropriate solvents for one-component titration in both applications: CombiSolvent Oil for mineral oils and CombiSolvent Fats for fats in foodstuffs. Both solvents are used in combination with CombiTitrants.

Aquastar® Solvent Oils & Fats

Aquastar® Solvent Oils & Fats is a universal solvent for long-chain, nonpolar substances as well as light fats and oils. It can be used with two-component titrants as well as with CombiTitrants.

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