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Aquastar® Reagents for Aldehydes and Ketones

When performing Karl Fischer water determinations in samples containing aldehydes and ketones, the results can be influenced by unwanted side reactions if methanol is used as a solvent. That’s why we developed our Aquastar® Karl Fischer reagents for aldehydes and ketones, Aquastar® CombiTitrant 5 Keto and CombiSolvent Keto. In these reagents, we replaced methanol by other alcohols that suppress undesired side reactions and deliver accurate results.

Aquastar® CombiTitrant 5 Keto is a one-component titrant – i.e. all reactive components required for the Karl Fischer reaction are contained in a single-reagent system. Aquastar® CombiSolvent Keto, on the other hand, is a high-quality solvent whose composition ensures optimum conditions for Karl Fischer titration with respect to stoichiometry, reaction rate, and endpoint indication.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
1.88006 Combi Titrant 5 Keto
188007 CombiSolvent Keto
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