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Aquastar® Lactose Standard 5%

The Aquastar® Lactose Standard 5 % from MilliporeSigma is a universally applicable solid standard with a water content of about 5 %. The exact measured value is stated in the batch-specific Certificate of Analysis that is provided in each package for your QM documentation.

Thanks to its water content and its ease of solubility in methanol, our Aquastar® Lactose standard can be used as a solid standard for coulometry as well as for volumetric Karl Fischer titrations. It is especially suitable if the working medium used consists of solvent mixtures in which sodium tartrate dihydrate is only slightly soluble. But it can also be used as an oven standard in a preferred temperature range from 140–160°C.

This Certified Reference Material (CRM) is manufactured under the scope of ISO 17034 and certified in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing lab, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility.

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112939 Lactose Standard 5 %
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