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Aquastar® Standards for Karl Fischer Titration

Precise Water Determination Every Time

In order to ensure accurate, transparent, and comparable titration results, you need reliable reference materials. This is why we complement our comprehensive Aquastar® portfolio of products for Karl Fischer titration with a series of excellent water standards for both volumetric and coulometric titration. Aquastar® standards for Karl Fischer titration can be used for monitoring and qualification of your Karl Fischer instruments, for checking and evaluating measuring results, and for performing titer determination of volumetric Karl Fischer reagents.

Our Aquastar® range of standards for Karl Fischer titration comprises liquids and solids with defined water contents for a wide variety of applications.

Manufactured under the scope of ISO 17034 and certified in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing laboratory, you can be sure that MilliporeSigma Certified Reference Materials offer the highest level of quality and precision.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
188055 Water standard oil
106664 Sodium tartrate dihydrate
109259 Water standard 5 mg/ml
188050 Water Standard 0.01 %
112939 Lactose Standard 5 %
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