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Accurately Interrogate the Proteins Relevant to Your System.

While there is no single and universal approach to protein detection or protein quantitation, this is the right place to start your protein analysis journey. We help you understand protein structure and function with tools to characterize post-translational modifications, localization and expression control including epigenetic mechanisms.

Learn about our protein detection platforms, including our Direct Detect® spectrometer, optimized Western blotting reagents and instruments, immunohistochemical staining systems, multiplex instruments for Luminex® xMAP® bead-based detection, and ultrasensitive protein detection instruments for SMC™ (Single Molecule Counting) technology, originally developed by Singulex®. In combination with our suite of antibodies, ELISAs, multiplex assays, ultrasensitive assays, and epigenetics tools, these platforms help you accurately interrogate the proteins relevant to your system.

Immunoassay Platform Solutions
Drive your Protein Analysis with our MILLIPLEX® <small>MAP</small> Multiplex Assays, ELISAS,  RIAS & LUMINEX® INSTRUMENTS.
Whether you need ultrasensitive detection from an SMC™ assay, robust ELISAs, rich multiplex profiling data using Luminex® xMAP® technology, or maximum throughput from a Gyrolab® workstation, we help you get data you can trust out of each sample, with minimal repetition, so you can make the best next-step decisions.

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Western Blotting & IHC
Transform Western Blotting and Protein Detection into Publication Quality Results
Explore our expanded portfolio of products, including optimized reagents for chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western blots.

Learn more about Western Blotting & IHC:

Protein Quantitation
Drive innovative Protein Analysis with IR spectrometer based quantitation
Drive your research forward with IR spectrometer based quantitation.

Antibodies & Assays
Enhance your  Protein Detection with our portfolio of Antibodies and Assays

Access a broad & in-depth portfolio of validated antibodies based on the expertise of Upstate® and Chemicon® in major research areas: Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Cell Signaling, Cancer, Cell Structure, backed by excellent service and support.

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