Pathogen Detection by Product


Pathogen Testing: From Pre-Enrichment to Detection

Culture Media and Lateral Flow Tests for Immunological Detection

At MilliporeSigma, we combine breakthrough products with a holistic approach to help you reach your food safety goals with speed and precision.

Unlike traditional powdered media, our dehydrated granulated culture media are specially formulated to minimize dust formation, component separation and clumping – even under warm or humid conditions. This ensures greater solubility and homogeneity, which makes pathogen testing significantly easier and more efficient.

Our ready-to-use solid and liquid media even save you the time-consuming preparation entirely.

With our new brands GranuCult™ for granulated media and ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™ for ready-to-use media we make mandatory requirements in food and water testing, such as staying compliant with latest reference standards such as EN ISO 11133:2014 an easy matter.

Our convenient Singlepath® and Duopath® Lateral Flow Tests provide quick presence/absence answers in one easy step and deliver results within 24 to 48 hours, independent of additional equipment expenditure.

Quick, comprehensive and convenient: that’s how we define new standards in food safety.

Readybag® Media Pouches

Readybag® Media Pouches

Simply Take & Use


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