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Dehydrated Culture Media for Media Fills


Granulated Culture Media for
Efficient Media Fill Trials with
Minimum Risks

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MilliporeSigma's granulated culture media have been carefully formulated to ensure pharmaceutical manufacturers can perform efficient media fill trials with minimal risks.

  • Reduced dust spread during preparation lowers health risks and prevents environmental contamination. Less dust on equipment also eases handling and cleaning.
  • Excellent solubility significantly reduces preparation time and effort.
  • Optimized cold filtration properties, from raw materials to final product, help prolong filter life and reduce replacements, saving time and costs.
  • Gamma-irradiated at a high dose of 48-76 kGy to reduce microbial cross-contamination and risk of false positives due to irradiation survivals.
  • Growth promotion and sterility performance in compliance with harmonized pharmacopeia and ISO EN 11133 guidelines regarding production and performance testing.
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Comparison of Dehydrated Culture Media for Efficient Media Fill Testing by Evaluating Cold Filterability

Application Note

Comparison study on cold filtration performance of TSB and non-animal TSB

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Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media

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