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A Proven Record for Safety and Reliablity

RCS® microbial air sampling systems have been employed by pharmaceutical companies for over 30 years and are renowned for safe and reliable environmental monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases in controlled environments. Using the proven Reuter Centrifugal Impaction (RCS®) principle, all RCS® air samplers are capable of gentle but very effective collection of airborne microorganisms at low impaction speeds. The complete compatibility with a wide range of standardized agar strips makes RCS® instruments a universal tool for standardized microbial monitoring – dedicated to quality and efficiency. There is also a large range of accessories available, including a compressed gas adapter.

RCS® High Flow Touch

RCS® High Flow Touch and Accessories

MilliporeSigma’s RCS® High Flow Touch is a portable air sampler for fast and easy monitoring of ambient air and compressed gases in controlled environments.

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RCS® Plus Ex

RCS® Plus Ex and Accessories

The RCS® Plus Ex microbial air sampler is specifically designed for secure microbial air monitoring in explosion hazard areas.

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Accessories for Discontinued RCS® Instruments

Accessories for Discontinued RCS® Instruments

We support the continued use of the discontinued RCS® Instruments by providing a large range of accessories for them.

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HYCON® agar strips

HYCON® Agar Strips

MilliporeSigma offers a range of several total count HYCON® agar strips a as well as selective media for yeasts & molds, coliform bacteria and staphylococci.

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Environmental Monitoring Brochure

Environmental Monitoring

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Microbiology Service Brochure

Microbiology Service

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