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HYCON® Contact Slides


HYCON® Contact Slides

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Microbial Monitoring of Flat and Curved Surfaces in the Food & Beverage Industry

MilliporeSigma’s HYCON® Contact Slides for microbial monitoring of flat and curved surfaces are designed as standardized agar media in a flexible foil. Their unique design makes them universal tools for easy microbial monitoring of flat and curved surfaces. The choice of formulations includes total count media as well as selective media for yeasts and molds, and for coliform organisms. Each contact slide is welded shrink-wrapped into a resealable sleeve to enable individual strips to be safely sterilized a number of times by peroxide gassing.

HYCON® Contact Slides

HYCON® Contact Slides

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Safe & Reliable
  • Individually sealed, H2O2-impermeable primary packaging
  • Resealable sleeve ensures sterility and enables safe handling and transportation
  • Produced in clean rooms, rigorously quality controlled, including 100% visual inspection of each contact slide
  • Growth promotion, packaging and storage extensively validated
  • Standardized contact area meets international guidelines (25 cm²)
  • Validated storage from 2 °C - 25 °C allows room temperature storage and reduced preparation time (except DE-γ and B)
  • Long shelf-life of up to six months for fewer incoming goods controls
  • Can be used for flat, curved or irregular surfaces