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Cultivation of Bacillus


Testing for Bacillus Species

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Unique Granulated Culture Media

For the isolation, enrichment and enumeration of Bacillus species, MilliporeSigma provides selective dehydrated culture media ideally suited for microbial testing of pharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturing facilities.

Bacillus is a genus of gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria and a member of the phylum Firmicutes. Bacilli can be obligate aerobes or facultative anaerobes, and they test positive for the enzyme catalase. Ubiquitous in nature, Bacillus includes both free-living and pathogenic species. Under unfavorable environmental conditions, the cells produce oval endospores that can stay dormant for extended periods. B. subtilis is a model organism that is popular among researchers, whereas other bacilli are important pathogens which cause anthrax or food poisoning.

In pharmaceuticals and cosmetics manufacturing it is important to ensure that the work environment and the finished products do not contain harmful levels of microbes such as bacilli.

Culture Media for Bacillus Testing in the Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Industries

MilliporeSigma provides consistent and high quality media for the enrichment, isolation and enumeration of bacilli. These culture media are available in a variety of formulations as dehydrated culture media in the form of easily soluble granules.

MilliporeSigma’s uniquely granulated culture media meet the highest industry performance standards as described in ISO 11133. They are also convenient and safe to use: The granules cause significantly less dust than powdered media, leading to less inhalation of hazardous media components that might cause allergic responses. In addition, they minimize contamination of the laboratory environment.

All MilliporeSigma media are quality controlled according to stringent standards, thereby guaranteeing the batch-to-batch consistency and high quality of our products.


Cultivation of Bacillus

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Granulated Dehydrated Culture Media

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