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Microbial monitoring of food and beverage production plants is an important part of the HACCP principles to prevent food contaminations. Ready-to-use liquid and solid culture media from MilliporeSigma are adapted to your decision criteria, from raw material qualification to finished product testing.

EN ISO 11133:2014 Compliant ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™ Ready-to-Use Culture Media

New ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™ are ready-to-use culture media in bags, bottles, tubes and plates that are fully compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014 and individual culture media standards that are quality controlled by an ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited laboratory, which certifies that they are fully compliant with EN ISO 11133:2014 as well as with individual standards


They offer the benefits of

  • Easy visibility of compliance on product label and Certificate of Analysis
  • Safe testing at maximum convenience
  • No time-consuming preparation
  • High reproducibility with low error rate
  • Long shelf life: 4-6 months (solid); 6-12 months (liquid)
ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™

ReadyPlate™ & ReadyTube™

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Small But Mighty ReadyPlate 55

Meet our lates addition to the ReadyPlate™ 55 portfolio: 55 mm agar plates and certified kits.

Membrane Filtration

Reliable Verification of Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures Effectiveness

Furthermore, standardized solutions for environmental monitoring ensure reliable microbial control of air and surfaces by verifying the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfecting procedures and by following the potentials for contaminations at critical points. Our convenient and industry-tailored range of ready-to-use media come in a large variety of formats, formulations and sizes.

Choose from a great variety of contact plates, settle plates, contact slides, dip testers and swabs for general microbiology controls and for the enumeration of main food microorganisms such as coliforms, yeasts and molds. Like all culture media available from MilliporeSigma, our liquid and solid culture media are made from specifically selected raw materials, blended in aseptic environments in compliance to ISO 9001 and controlled for reproducible performance. With this we ensure that we can provide ready-to-use solutions for all your needs.

20-minute talk: Detection of Campylobacter acc. to international standards

20-minute talk

Detection of
Campylobacter acc.
to international

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On-demand webinar: New & revised ISO 11133 and ISO 17410 standards

On-demand webinar:

New & revised
ISO 11133
ISO 17410

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