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Virus Filtration

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  • Viresolve® Barrier Filters for the Protection of Upstream Processes
  • Prevent Introduction of Adventitious Agents into the Bioreactor
Bioreactors are at risk of contamination from adventitious agents from many sources and, in particular, from the raw materials used in cell culture processes. Viral contamination incidents have led manufacturers to reexamine their risk assessments around virus prevention, and in many cases to evaluate implementation of virus reduction steps upstream of the bioreactor.

One approach to virus risk mitigation is to introduce virus filtration as a means of protecting against adventitious virus ingress into cell culture processes. Virus filters are easy to use and implement, and enable size-based removal of a broad range of both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses.

Our new Viresolve® Barrier filters are designed for high-flux filtration of chemically-defined cell culture media and high retention of virus, mycoplasma, and bacteria, including spirochetes. Extensive analytical characterization of cell culture media demonstrated no change in media performance after Viresolve® Barrier filtration. Cell growth, protein titer and quality attributes were comparable after media filtration with Viresolve® Barrier filters or sterile filters.

Viresolve® Barrier filters offer a robust solution for upstream virus safety. Just connect and protect.

New Viresolve® Barrier Filters

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