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Gas/Vent Filtration

Hydrophobic sterilizing-grade filters are commonly used as air-vents on processing tanks to maintain near ambient pressure in the tank while ensuring sterility. Tank vent filters remove micro-organisms from the gas as it flows in or out of the tank. MilliporeSigma offers multiple membranes and device formats for vent filtration.

Aervent® Filters

Aervent 0.2 µm hydrophobic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filters provide sterility assurance, high flow rates and throughput and are used in pharmaceutical applications where it is critical to use a phobic filter with validated bacterial and viral retention capabilities.  

Available Formats

Hydrophobic Durapore® Filters

Sterilizing-grade Hydrophobic Durapore® 0.22 µm polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes for reliable removal of contaminants and microorganisms from gases.

Available Formats

Millipore Express® SPG

Sterilizing-grade Millipore Express® SPG filters are gamma stable capsule filters containing 0.2 μm sterilizing-grade membrane. These filters provide optimal gas filtration and venting in single-use applications.

Available Formats

Aerex® Filters

Aerex® 0.2 µm PTFE filters are designed for the removal of bacteria and viruses from moist gas streams in non-critical applications. Aerex® filters are not validated for bacterial retention.

Available Formats
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