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Biopharm Process Development

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From Cell Line to Process Development

Over 32 years of biomanufacturing experience demonstrated through more than 250 projects including:

Our goal is to enable our clients to reduce the time required to develop and produce cGMP biomolecules for clinical trials, through:
  • Developing robust and scalable manufacturing processes
  • Using the latest processing platforms and technologies
  • Responsive, experienced scientists and project management

Biopharm Process Development Services include:

  • Cell line development
  • Clone selection
  • Media & feed screening
  • Upstream process development
  • Master cell bank establishment
  • Downstream process development
  • Formulation development
  • Analytical methods development & optimization
  • Analytical process development support
  • Biosimilars comparability analytical programs

Leverage our experience with these cell lines, expression platforms, and development activities

ExpressionMolecule TypeM & F Screening Process DevelopmentProduction Scale
CHOZN® CHOZN® Monoclonal antibody


S DHFR Recombinant Protein 250L
DHFR Fc-Fusion 250L – 1,250L
GS Monoclonal antibody 250L – 1,250L
Catalent Monoclonal antibody 200L
DUKX DHFR Recombinant Protein
variant purification
250L (perfusion)
DHFR Monoclonal antibody 1,250L
DG44 DHFR Fc-Fusion 250L (perfusion)
Biowa Monoclonal antibody 250L – 1,250L
CHEF 1 Monoclonal antibody
DHFR Fc-Fusion 3L (perfusion)
GS Monoclonal antibody 20L – 2,000L
M Selexis Monoclonal antibody 20L – 2,000L
Horizon GS Monoclonal antibody 200L – 2,000L

 HostMolecule TypeM & F Screening Process DevelopmentProduction Scale
Hybridoma Monoclonal antibody

150L perfusion

NSO Monoclonal antibody



Monoclonal antibody 200L

Plug & Play Upstream Development Service

Get straight to the point with our proprietary CHOZN® platform

Accelerate Identification of High-producing Cell Lines

Learn from Research BDS Scientist Lucie Grindes, BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions, about our mini-pool approach and how we can begin process development in parallel with cell line development.

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Case Study: Accelerate Time from DNA to Material
Learn how our approach to mini pools allows us to deliver high-producing clones in an accelerated timeline, saving up to 3 months. In addition, we are able to begin process development in parallel with cell line development for clients with very challenging timelines.

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There are many parameters to consider in biologics development – we are your process development and manufacturing partner. Read our brochure.

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A service exactly tailored to small-sized biotechs and start-ups, needing to balance cost and speed to clinic while getting it right the first time.

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