NatriFlo® HD-Q Membrane Adsorber

For single-use flow-through polishing applications

Natrix® HD-Q membrane

A high capacity, high throughput strong anion exchange membrane adsorber designed to purify biomolecules in flow-through operating conditions. The unique Natrix® HD-Q membrane contains a high density of quaternary amine ligands that are directly polymerized within the porous membrane scaffold. The interconnected pore structure and high ligand density enables fast flow rates with impressive throughput to extremely high loads while maintaining excellent impurity reduction. The NatriFlo® HD-Q membrane design delivers improvements in productivity, flexibility, and process robustness for any bioprocess design.

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High productivity membrane chromatography: Enabling the next generation bioprocessing paradigm

Recorded March 8, 2018

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  • Best-in-class HCP, DNA and viral clearance, even with the most challenging feed streams
  • Salt and pH tolerance with strong anion exchange (Q) chemistry even in phosphate buffer systems
  • High capacity final polishing purification with extreme protein throughput (>10 kg/L)
  • Simple, low-cost polishing operations in a single-use format

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