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Visual Tests for semi-quantitative analyses

Webinar: How to analyze chemical disinfectant parameters after disinfection control

Chemical residues are especially important to monitor after disinfection control as their presence may cause adverse health effects or affect the quality of the final product. Join our webinar to find out how to quickly analyze chemical disinfectant parameters to ensure the safety of your production line after disinfection & the different methods available.

MilliporeSigma's visual tests include all types of test strips and kits – from pH measurements to the analysis of turbid and slightly colored water samples. They are suited for all media in environmental analysis and industrial-in-process controls. All of them prove themselves through:

  • instant results
  • simple handling
  • consistently high quality

Our visual tests are universal, fast and simple screening tools. They enable you to run a swift check and help save time and many costly analytical procedures.

Test Strips MQuant®

  • MQuantquick and reliable results in food, water and environmental analysis
  • time-saving semi-quantitative determination of important ions and compounds in the mg/l range 
  • no additional preparation of the samples
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Digital Test Strip Readout with MQuant® StripScan

Digital Test Strip ReadoutTurn your smartphone into a mobile lab! Determine pH or chemical concentrations in aqueous solutions using MQuant® StripScan. This convenient digital detection system provides reliable analysis of various parameters of water, food, and beverage samples for customers from research, industrial, environmental and diagnostics fields.
  • Fast, easy, and reliable
  • Superior precision
  • Convenient data analysis and transfer

Use the StripScan app to read out your MQuant® test strips in seconds, then manage, analyze and share your data through the StripScan Web application.

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pH Test Strips, Papers, and Solutions

pH testsInstantaneous pH measurement with pH test strips, papers and solutions on site
  • quickly
  • for a variety of applications
  • large number with different methods of operation
  • without a lot of preparation and instruments
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Colorimetric Test Kits

Colorimeter test kits
MilliporeSigma offers you a variety of easy-to-use, rapid visual tests for use in water analysis for:
  • aquaristics
  • surface water
  • industrial water
  • drinking and mineral water
  • for turbid and colored water in industrial applications 

Use the tests from the MColortest® anywhere and anytime and you obtain a result immediately and without the need of additional aids.

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Compact Laboratories

Compact laboratoriesWe combined various individual MColortest® test kits tests and customized them for your practical on site application. Our compact laboratories provide the most important tests for specific applications in one handy kit. 

They are available for:
  • aquaristics
  • water testing
  • soil analysis
 Use the tests from MColortest® line anywhere and anytime and you obtain a result immediately and without the need of additional aids.

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Video on analytical quality assurance with Spectroquant®

Spectroquant® AQA Video
Experience quality control.

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