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MQuant® Color Card Comperator System for Very Low to Medium Concentrations


MQuant® with Color Card Comparator

High Measurement Sensitivities for Analyses Down to the ppb Range

MQuant® color card comparator system for very low to medium concentrations is especially suited for the analysis of drinking water, ground water, clean water and mineral water and in water production. The special feature of this range lies in the measurement of low concentrations.

With these MQuant® products users can determine concentrations down to the ppb range. Greater layer thickness and the special construction design of the MQuant® comparator made these specifically high measurement sensitivities possible. In the comparison method, the reaction color of the sample is compared with the colored blank sample through the color scale. This way an excellent match of color-comparison concentration can be achieved. Here the color cards are of particular importance: 

MColortest™ with color card comparator for very low to medium concentrationsThe unique brilliance of the print and their fine color graduation allow precise analyses, even at the lower end of the concentration range. See our portfolio of MQuant® color card comparator system for very low to medium concentrations and find the perfect product for your application.

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