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Spectroquant® Thermoreactors for Optimized Analysis Procedures

Simple Handling to Individual Expert Analysis

The Advantages of the Spectroquant® Thermoreactors
  • Practically oriented tuning of digestion reagents to thermoreactors
  • Simple handling thanks to user-friendly description of the digestion procedures
  • Flexible selection between standard programs and individual programming
  • Time-saving COD rapid digestion method

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Spectroquant® thermoreactor

Thermoreactors at a Glance

The Starter Model – Spectroquant® TR 320
  • 8 stored standard programs
  • Simultaneous digestion of 12 samples
  • Features all you need for handling digestions simply and correctly

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Spectroquant® TR 320
The Advanced Instrument for Experts – Spectroquant® TR 420
  • Free temperature and time selection
  • 8 stored standard and 8 free programs
  • Simultaneous digestion of 24 samples
  • Thermosensor and PC cable available
  • AQA documentation for control purposes
  • Individual programming for future assignments

The instrument has already preinstalled all digestion programs necessary for wastewater analysis, but can also be individually used in the temperature range up to 170°C and with digestion times of up to three hours.

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Spectroquant® TR 420
The Two-in-One Instrument for Professional Use – Spectroquant® TR 620

Same functions like the TR 420 thermoreactor, but with two separate temperature-selectable heating zones.

  • Two separate controllable heating blocks
  • Possibility to run different digestion programs at the same time

It is e.g. capable of simultaneously digesting 12 COD and 12 TOC samples at different temperatures required, yielding results after just 120 minutes.

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Spectroquant® TR 620
Move for Disinfection

Move for Disinfection Control

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Video on analytical quality assurance with Spectroquant®

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