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Karl Fischer titration is a fast reliable and accurate analytical method used in pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide to determine the water content of a large variety of substances over a wide concentration range. The significance of this method is highlighted by its inclusion in major pharmacopeias and other official requirements like ASTM. Karl Fischer titration is independent of the state of aggregation, type of sample and presence of volatile components.

Aquastar® – Our Comprehensive Karl Fischer Portfolio

With Aquastar®, our Karl Fischer product line, we offer you a proven method that has been modified to reflect the latest research. Aquastar® reagents are suitable for the most demanding requirements in water content determination. MilliporeSigma’s comprehensive Aquastar® portfolio covers the whole range of volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer reagents, rounded off with various water standards for titer determination, monitoring and qualifying Karl Fischer equipment, and checking measuring results.

Volumetric and Coulometric KF Reagents

For volumetric KF titration, we supply both one-component reagents that conveniently contain all reactive constituents in one solution, and two-component reagents for faster titration, better buffer capacity, and higher titer stability. Moreover, a comprehensive portfolio of Aquastar® solvents is available for water determination in aldehydes and ketones as well as in oils and fats. Our accompanying Aquastar® buffer solutions help maintaining the optimum 5-7 pH range.

For coulometric titration, we provide combined reagents that contain all reaction components. Thus, even in cells with a diaphragm only one reagent is needed, making your coulometric KF titration much easier. The solution can be used in both anolyte and catholyte chambers.

Catalog Number Catalog Name
188036 Buffer solution for strong bases
188055 Water standard oil
106664 Sodium tartrate dihydrate
109259 Water standard 5 mg/ml
188050 Water Standard 0.01 %
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