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The Ultimate Combination for Maximum Sensitivity in Ion Chromatography

Using ion chromatography (IC) for the determination of anions? Enjoy maximum sensitivity and simplicity with MilliporeSigma’s SeQuant® CARS (Continuous Anion Regeneration System) and SeQuant® SAMS (Anion membrane Suppressor). This innovative combination delivers stable suppression performance and exceptionally low background conductivity, with extreme capacity for practically any type of anion chromatography application and instrumentation.

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Schematic diagram of the installation of SeQuant® CARS and SAMS in an ion chromatography system

Features and Benefits

  • Efficient: Lowest background and highest sensitivity
  • Flexible: Compatible with any ion chromatography system
  • Robust: Also suitable for high ion-strength eluents and gradients
  • Easy: Robust design allows continuous, unattended operation for months

SeQuant® CARS™ – The Innovative Continuous Anion Regeneration System

The CARS™ system consists of a pump, a regeneration cartridge and a continuously circulating regeneration liquid. The cartridge contains an ultra-pure cation exchanger and constitutes a high-capacity source of protons for long-term continuous regeneration of the SAMS™ suppressor. Due to its extreme capacity, the cartridge ensures stable performance for months of unattended operation. The ULB-P regeneration solution is an ultra-pure liquid cation exchanger (high molecular weight organic acid). It circulates inside the CARS system, carrying protons from the cartridge to the SAMS suppressor, and returns with the former eluent cations for deposition in the cartridge.

SeQuant® SAMS™ – The Robust Anion Membrane Suppressor

SAMS is a membrane suppressor that selectively exchanges cations in the anion chromatography eluent for protons. Thereby, it neutralizes the eluents to their corresponding low conducting acids (carbonic acid, water), while converting analyte anions to their corresponding high-conductivity strong acids (e.g. hydrochloric acid). The CARS™ system is designed to enable optimum performance of SAMS™ by providing a continuous and stable availability of protons for the membrane cation exchange process. Their robust and flexible design makes it simple to integrate CARS™ and SAMS™ with any ion chromatography system.

Application Example

Application example using CARS™ with SAMS™


ComponentDescriptionFunctionTypical replacement interval
CARS Pump Circulation pump Ensure continuous and stable delivery of the ULB™-P solution throughout the system Not applicable
Only normal instrument service required
CARS Regeneration Cartridge High-capacity source of protons Supply protons (H+) to the SAMS suppressor 6-12 months
Depending on hours of use, eluent strength and flow rate
ULB™-P Regeneration Solution Ultra-pure liquid cation exchanger Carry protons (H+) from the cartridge to the suppressor, and eluent cations (e.g. Na+) back to the cartridge 6-12 months
Typically replaced when a new cartridge is installed or if the system becomes contaminated
SAMS Robust membrane suppressor Exchange eluent cations (e.g., Na+) to protons (H+) 12-24 months
Depending on quantities and purity of samples
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