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GC Reference Substances

GC reference substancesIn gas chromatography (GC), reference substances are used for the identification of unknown compounds, as standards in quantitative analysis, and for the characterization of column properties.

MilliporeSigma offers a broad range of highly pure reference substances for GC. The great majority of our reference substances are completely synthetic in origin, hence they are virtually free from isomers that are difficult to separate by GC. Their assay is generally greater than 99%, and typically over 99.5%.

To ensure the highest quality, each pack of our GC reference standards comes with a gas chromatogram generated under appropriate testing conditions. Furthermore, the reference substances belonging to the hydrocarbon group are packed in pierceable ampoules. Fatty acid methyl esters and other reference substances are supplied in screw-capped glass vials.

Features and Benefits

  • Virtually free from isomers
  • Highly pure substances for reliable analysis
  • Assay typically over 99.5%
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