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L3 US Pharmacopoeia Columns

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LiChrospher® Si 60 (5 µm) HPLC Columns

LiChrospher® Si 60 HPLC columnsMilliporeSigma offers a broad range of HPLC columns that are fully compliant with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) specifications. L3 USP columns are described as consisting of porous silica particles, 1.5 to 10 µm in diameter. Our L3 USP columns are produced to the highest quality standards to ensure reliable, reproducible results. A perfect example is: LiChrospher® Si 60 (5 µm).

Ideal for Normal-Phase Separations

LiChrospher® Si 60 (5 µm) is a versatile HPLC sorbent that offers optimal polar properties for normal-phase separations. It is based on spherical silica particles with a pore diameter of 60 Å, and a particle size of 5 µm. LiChrospher® Si 60 sorbents are packed into LiChroCART® HPLC guard columns, to be used in connection with LiChroCART® HPLC cartridges. The connection is accomplished using manu-CART® cartridge holders.

Features and Benefits

  • Classified as L3 USP column
  • Ideal polar properties for normal-phase HPLC
  • Compatible with a wide range of column lengths

Product Range

The LiChroCART® columns (125 and 250 mm length) with an i.d. of 4 mm irequire a manu-CART® NT cartridge column holder, which can be used to hold one cartridge column with or without a 4x4 mm guard column. 250x10 mm LiChroCART® columns require the manu-CART® “10”-II cartridge holder.


Sorbent characteristics
Spherical particles of silica Average pore size: 6 nm (60 Å)
Particle shape
Particle size
4 µm
Pore size
60 Å (6 nm)
Pore volume 0.85 mL/g
Spec. surface area 700 m²/g
Efficiency 55,000 N/m
pH range 2-7.5
Shipping eluent n-Heptane
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