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Superspher® RP-18 (4 µm) HPLC Columns

Superspher® RP-18 HPLC columnsMilliporeSigma offers a broad range of HPLC columns that are fully compliant with USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) specifications. L1 USP columns are described as octadecyl silane, chemically linked to porous silica or ceramic micro particles. Our high-quality L1 USP products deliver reliable, reproducible results – time after time. A perfect example is: Superspher® RP-18 (4 µm). This reliable and versatile column is based on a spherical silica gel support with C-18 reversed-phase properties. The sorbent is well suited for the separation of neutral, acidic and weak basic compounds.

High Peak Capacity for Complex Mixtures

Superspher® columns are specially designed for highly efficient HPLC separations. According to both theoretical calculation and practical experience, these high-performance spherical silica carriers, with a mean particle size of 4 μm, yield an optimum pressure to separation performance ratio. The number of theoretical plates for Superspher® HPLC columns is > 100,000 N/m. This makes them the ideal choice for complex sample mixtures that require high peak capacity.

Optional Cartridge Dimensions

Superspher® sorbents are packed in LiChroCART® cartridges, which are available in various lengths and internal diameters (2, 3 and 4 mm). LiChroCART® 2 and 3 mm i.d. narrow bore cartridges reduce solvent consumption while increasing sensitivity and resolution. Hence, they save costs and efforts involved with handling large solvent quantities. LiChroCART® 2, 3 and 4 mm i.d. are compatible with the manu-CART® “4” cartridge holder. This enables faster and more flexible method adaptation to smaller bore columns.

Features and Benefits

  • Classified as L1 USP column
  • Highly efficient HPLC separations
  • Optimum pressure to separation performance ratio
  • Number of theoretical plates > 100,000 N/m
  • Ideal for complex mixtures requiring high peak capacity

Product Range

The LiChroCART® columns (75, 125, 150 and 250 mm length) with an i.d. of2, 3 and 4 mm require a manu-CART® NT cartridge column holder, which can be used to hold one cartridge column with or without a 4-4 mm guard column. Additional dimensions are available as customized packing.


Packing material
Superspher® 100 RP-18 
Sorbent characteristics
Spherical particles of silica with octadecyl derivative
Particle size
4 μm
Pore volume 1.25 mL/g
Spec. surface area 350 m²/g
Carbon load 21.0 % C
Surface coverage 3.61 μmol/m2
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