Stericap™ PLUS Universal Bottle-Top Filter Device

The Stericap™ PLUS Universal Bottle-Top Filter Device provides fast, large-volume filtration into any sized bottle.

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    Data Sheet

    Stericap PLUS Universal Bottle-Top Filter Device


    How long can I be certain that the Stericap PLUS is sterile after I purchase it?Millipore guarantees sterility of the Stericap PLUS for 3 years from date of manufacture.
    What is the hold up volume in the Stericap PLUS unit?Stericap PLUS holdup volume is <20 mL.
    Some liquid I was filtering was aspirated into my vacuum line. How do I prevent that from happening?You should stop filtering before the liquid level reaches the top of the bottle to prevent liquid from entering the vacuum line. To protect you vacuum source from serious damage which can be caused when liquid accidentally enters the vacuum tubing, your setup should consist of both a trap followed by a Millex FG 50 (SLFG05010) hydrophobic vent filter.
    I have to filter volumes larger than 10 liters. Does Millipore have other, similar products for larger volume filtration?Millipore’s Sterivac unit is a universal bottle top vacuum filtration unit for volumes of 10-20 L, and Steripak pressure driven units for volumes of 10-20 L.
    I cannot seem to get the Stericap PLUS to seal onto my bottle. It sounds like there might be air leaking from somewhere. What could be the problem?If you are having difficulty sealing your Stericap PLUS unit to your receiver bottle, check the following:

    1. Double check your vacuum source to be sure you have adequate vacuum. House vacuum systems can be extremely variable, and it may take longer to seal if the vacuum pressure is somewhat weak.
    2. Be certain the vent valve at the top of the domed housing is closed by tightening it all the way to the right.
    3. Check your receiver bottle to make sure there are no chips in the lip which may be preventing proper sealing.
    4. Press the Stericap PLUS unit firmly into the receiver bottle until for several seconds until a seal is made.
    I have a vacuum seal, but there seems to be no flow through my Stericap PLUS unit. What could the problem be?If you have a proper seal and adequate vacuum, you may have encountered an air lock of the unit. This event is caused by excess air entering the domed housing of the Stericap PLUS device. Follow these steps to recover from an airlock event which can also be found in your Stericap Plus User Guide:
    1. Leave the vacuum source on and connected to the device in order to protect the membrane.
    2. Attach a 50 cc syringe to the vent port needle valve’s female Luer-Lok™ connector on the top center of the dome.
    3. Twist the needle valve counterclockwise slightly (1 to 1 1/2 turns) to open.
    4. Pull on the syringe plunger to remove the air from the housing and re-prime the feed tube and housing with as much liquid as possible so that the membrane surface is fully submerged again. NOTE: A small pocket of air at the top of the dome is normal and will not affect filtration.
    5. Filtration should resume immediately. Return to step 4 of the “How to Use the Stericap PLUS Filter Unit” section.
    How do I know if my Stericap PLUS is compatible with what I am filtering?The Stericap PLUS units are compatible with most aqueous solutions. Based on information from technical publications, materials suppliers, laboratory tests, and field evaluations, Millipore believes that the agents listed in the following chart are safe to use with Stericap PLUS units. However, because of the effects of variability in temperature, concentrations, duration of exposure, and other factors outside of our control, Millipore does not provide or imply a warranty with respect to this information. Agents that are not listed should be tested prior to use, or call Millipore Technical Service for information.

    CAUTION: You should perform filter binding analysis before filtering very dilute proteins, hormones, or drug solutions.

    ChemicalStericap PLUS Filter Unit
    Aqueous solutionsl
    Weak acidsl
    Strong acidss
    Aliphatic aminess
    Aromatic aminesm
    Strong oxidizing agentsm

    Key: l = Recommended, m = Not recommended, s = Limited applications

    NOTE: For additional Chemical compatibility inquires, contact Millipore Technical Support.
    How can I clean the Stericap PLUS tubeset between uses? Is it autoclaveable?The tubeset provided with the Stericap PLUS can be cleaned with detergent and water. Be certain to thoroughly rinse the tubeset if detergent is used. The tubing set which is provided is autoclave compatible for at least 10 cycles at 121oC for 15 minutes. After the first autoclave cycle, the tubing may lose some of its transparency and the tube weight will appear lighter in color, but this is purely cosmetic and does not affect its function nor lead to additional extractables.
    What flow rates can I expect from my Stericap PLUS?Stericap PLUS has a QC release specified clean water flow time of <52 seconds for 500 mL (minimum average flow rate of 577 mL/min) at a vacuum level of 25” Hg. Filtration of more viscous or particulate laden solutions will result in lower flow rates, and instantaneous flow rates that reduce over time. For example in competitive performance testing, average flow rate over 10 minutes for DMEM with 10% serum was 550 mL/min, while over 20 minutes it was 375 mL/minute, and over 60 minutes, it was 167 mL/min.
    Can I bubble point my Stericap PLUS unit?Since it is a vacuum driven device, Stericap PLUS is not configured to allow bubble point testing. The housing leak integrity test on the housing is performed at 15 psig, which is significantly lower than the water bubble point of the membrane.

    User Guides

    Stericap PLUS Vacuum Driven Bottle-Top Filtration System User Guide