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72633 NovaQUANT™ Coli qPCR Kit

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      Product Description

      The NovaQUANT™ Coli qPCR kit is designed to quantify the absolute amount of E. coli DNA present in a sample. The assay has been shown to accurately detect DNA from several E. coli strains present in many sample matrices including protein, nucleic acid and polysaccharide preparations.

      The kit contains a set of oligonucleotide primers developed for SYBR® Green-based qPCR detection. The NovaQUANT Coli qPCR primers were designed to detect a high-copy number of a highly-conserved, E. coli ribosomal RNA gene; this feature allows for the accurate detection of trace amounts of bacterial DNA, typically in the low femtogram range.

      Panel Components

      • 200 µl         NovaQUANT Coli qPCR Primer Mix (2 µM)

      • 100 ng         NovaQUANT Coli Control DNA (10 ng/µl)

      Storage: Store all components at -20 °C. This kit is stable for at least one year at the recommended storage temperature.

      Catalogue Number72633
      Brand Family Novagen®
      Application Data
      Features and Benefits

      NovaQUANT Coli qPCR detection and quantification
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      Quality LevelMQ100
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      Ship Code Blue Ice Only
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      Storage -20°C
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      72633-1KIT 04055977266146