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HCMP2MAG-19K MILLIPLEX Human Complement Panel 2 - Immunology Multiplex Assay

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Key Specifications Table

Analytes AvailableSpecies ReactivityKey ApplicationsDetection Methods
Complement C1q Complement C3 Complement C3b/iC3b Complement C4 Complement Factor B Complement Factor H HMplexLuminex xMAP
Catalogue NumberHCMP2MAG-19K
Trade Name
DescriptionMILLIPLEX Human Complement Panel 2 - Immunology Multiplex Assay
OverviewEMD Millipore’s MILLIPLEX® Complement Panel 2 Magnetic Bead Panel is a six-plex kit to be used for the simultaneous quantification of any or all of the following analytes in serum, plasma or culture supernatant samples: Complement C1q, Complement C3, Complement C3b, Complement C4, Complement Factor B, and Complement Factor H.

MILLIPLEX® offers the broadest selection of analytes across a wide range of disease states and species. Once the analytes of interest have been identified, you can rely on the quality that we build into each kit to produce results you can trust. In addition to the assay characteristics listed in the protocol, other performance criteria evaluated during the validation process include: cross-reactivity, dilution linearity, kit stability, and sample behavior (e.g. detectability and stability). Each panel and kit meets stringent manufacturing criteria to ensure batch-to-batch reproducibility.

Each MILLIPLEX® panel and kit includes:
• Quality controls (QCs) provided to qualify assay performance

• Comparison of standard (calibrator) and QC lots to a reference lot to ensure lot-to-lot consistency

• Optimized serum matrix to mimic native analyte environment

• Detection antibody cocktails designed to yield consistent analyte profiles within panel

MILLIPLEX® offers you:
o The ability to choose any combination of analytes from our panel of seven analytes to design a custom kit that better meets your needs.
o A convenient “all-in-one” box format that gives you the assurance that you will have all the necessary reagents you need to run your assay.

EMD Millipore’s MILLIPLEX® Complement Panel 2 Magnetic Bead Panel is part of the most versatile system available for complement factor research. From our single to multiplex biomarker solutions, we partner with you to design, develop, analytically validate and build the most comprehensive library available for protein detection and quantitation.
Background InformationThe Complement System consists of a large number of plasma proteins that assist, or complement, the ability of phagocytic cells and antibodies to clear pathogens. Although it is part of the innate immune system, not adaptable and unchanging over the course of a lifetime, it can be recruited and activated by the adaptive immune system. The system protein and glycoproteins that are synthesized primarily by hepatocytes normally circulate as inactive pro-proteins. Once stimulated the end result of the cascade is a massive amplification of response and activation of the Membrane Attack Complex (MAC), which forms a transmembrane channel causing osmotic lysis of target cells.

The Complement System consists of three different simultaneous pathways. The classical pathway is stimulated by antigen-antibody complexes; the alternative pathway spontaneously activates on contact with pathogenic cell surfaces; and the mannose-binding lectin pathway recognizes mannose sugars usually present only on pathogenic cell surfaces.
Because of the potential to be extremely damaging to host tissues, Complement System activation must be tightly controlled. The regulating complement control proteins, including CD59, also known as protectin, are present at a higher concentration in the blood plasma than the complement proteins themselves.

The Complement System is thought to play a key role in many diseases with an immune component, such as asthma and many autoimmune diseases, including SLE, IBD and multiple sclerosis. It is also becoming increasingly associated with neurological disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease and conditions such as spinal cord injuries.
Product Information
Detection methodLuminex xMAP
ConfigurationDesign your multiplex kit by choosing available analytes within this panel.
Precision, %
  • Inter-assay: 20
  • Intra-assay: 10
Panel TypeMAGNETIC Cytokines/Chemokines
Quality LevelMQ200
ApplicationThe Human Complement Panel 2 Bead-Based Multiplex Assay kit, using the Luminex xMAP technology, enables the simultaneous analysis of complement proteins and factors in human serum, plasma and cell culture samples.
Key Applications
  • Multiplexing
Application Notes• This is an overnight or two-hour incubation assay.
• This assay requires 25 µl of 1:40,000 diluted plasma or serum. Tissue culture supernatant may require a dilution with an appropriate control medium prior to assay.
• Note: To avoid complement activation in samples, which will affect the results, samples should be thawed as rapidly as possible, put on ice and assayed immediately.
Biological Information
Species Reactivity
  • Human
Analytes Available
  • Complement C1q
  • Complement C3
  • Complement C3b/iC3b
  • Complement C4
  • Complement Factor B
  • Complement Factor H
Cross ReactivityCross-reactivity between the antibodies and any of the other analytes in this panel is non-detectable or negligible.
  • Complement C1q: 96%
  • Complement C3: 95%
  • Complement C3b/iC3b: 97%
  • Complement C4: 103%
  • Complement Factor B: 101%
  • Complement Factor H: 99%
Physicochemical Information
  • Complement C1q: 0.048 ng/mL
  • Complement C3: 0.120 ng/mL
  • Complement C3b/iC3b: 3.639 ng/mL
  • Complement C4: 0.191 ng/mL
  • Complement Factor B: 0.024 ng/mL
  • Complement Factor H: 0.135 ng/mL
Standard Curve Range
  • Complement C1q: 0.08 - 60 ng/mL
  • Complement C3: 0.27- 200 ng/mL
  • Complement C3b/iC3b: 8.2 - 6,000 ng/mL
  • Complement C4: 0.55 - 400 pg/mL
  • Complement Factor B: 0.08 - 60 ng/mL
  • Complement Factor H: 0.041 - 300 ng/mL
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
Safety Information according to GHS
Safety Information
Product Usage Statements
Usage Statement
  • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
Storage and Shipping Information
Storage ConditionsRecommended storage for kit components is 2 - 8°C.
Packaging Information
Material Size96-well plate
Material Package96 well plate
Transport Information
Supplemental Information



Human Complement Magnetic Bead Panel 2

MILLIPLEX Human Complement Panel 2 - Immunology Multiplex Assay SDS


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 


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96 well Template 2 Up
96 well Template Single
QUALITY CONTROL RANGES MILLIPLEX® MAP Human Complement Magnetic Bead Panel 2

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