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Durapore® 0.1 µm and 0.22 µm Capsule Filters

Sterile Opticap capsule filters are fully contained capsule filters with Durapore 0.22 µm or 0.1 µm hydrophilic PVDF membrane.



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Application Note: Cell Culture Media Filtration - Filter Selection and Sizing
Application Note: Integrity Test Troubleshooting - Beyond Rewet and Retest
Establishing Product Specific Bubble Point Specifications For Sterilizing-Grade Filters

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Durapore® Family Guide


What are the most common causes of filter clogging (air bubbles, particulates, surface tension, inappropriate filter size etc.)?Trapped bubbles, particulates and improper sizing are all common causes of fitration issues. True filter clogging is caused by particulates. Hard particles will form a cake on the filter surface. This will generally slow the filtration but not necessarily block filtration becuase fluid can flow through the layer of hard particles and then through the filter.

Deformable particles can compress across the filter pores, forming impermeable barriers to filtration. This type of problem is common with solutions containing proteins or lipids.

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Hydrophilic Durapore® Cartridges and Capsules User Guide
Opticap® XL Capsules and Opticap® XLT Capsules

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