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AB9582-200UL Anti-Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 Antibody

200 µL  
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      Key Specifications Table

      Species ReactivityKey ApplicationsHostFormatAntibody Type
      RWBRbAffinity PurifiedPolyclonal Antibody
      Catalogue NumberAB9582-200UL
      Brand Family Chemicon®
      Trade Name
      • Chemicon
      DescriptionAnti-Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 Antibody
      Alternate Names
      • SSTR4
      Product Information
      FormatAffinity Purified
      • Included free of charge with the antibody is 40 μg of control antigen (lyophilized powder). The stock solution of the antigen can be made up using 100 μL of sterile deionized water. For negative control, preincubate 1 μg of peptide with 1 μg of antibody for one hour at room temperature. Optimal concentrations must be determined by the end user.
      PresentationAffinity purified immunoglobulin. Lyophilized from phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4, containing 1% BSA, and 0.05% sodium azide as a preservative. Reconstitute with 200 μL of sterile deionized water. Centrifuge antibody preparation before use (10,000 xg for 5 min).
      Quality LevelMQ100
      ApplicationThis Anti-Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 Antibody is validated for use in WB for the detection of Somatostatin Receptor Type 4.
      Key Applications
      • Western Blotting
      Application NotesWestern blot: 1:200 using ECL on rat brain lysate. Antibody recognizes a single band around 40 kDa.

      Dilutions should be made using a carrier protein such as BSA (1-3%)

      Optimal working dilutions must be determined by the end user.


      1. Mix the samples (organ membranes: 50 μg/lane; transfected cells: 500,000 cells/lane) with sample-buffer X 2, and heat 10 min at 70°C.

      2. 5-50 μL applied to Minigel lane (0.75-1.5 mm width) and run at standard conditions. (60 mA for 2 1.5 mm Minigel gels, 1.4 h). It is suggested that you run 5-15% acrylamide (37.5:1 acrylamide:bisacrysmide) minigel (1.5 mm width) at 30 mA/gel ~1-1.5 hours.

      3. Transfer in semi-dry system under standard conditions (3 h 100 mA for two minigel gels)

      4. Stain the transferred bands with Chemicon BLOT-FastStain (Catalog Number 2076).

      5. Destain with deionized water.

      6. Block with 5% non-fat milk (Marvel or Carnation) in PBS, and 0.025 % sodium azide, overnight at 2-8°C. The non-fat milk should be dissolved freshly, centrifuged 10,000 rpm for

      10 min, and filtered through glass filter (Gelman Acrodisc).

      7. Incubation with first antibody 2 h at room temperature or overnight at 4°C in blocking solution. The antibody preparation should be centrifuged before use (10,000 g 5 min.). Optimal working dilutions and incubation time will need to be determined by the end user.

      8. Wash 4 x 10 min. with PBS-0.1% tween 20. From this stage, azide should be omitted.

      9. Incubation with the secondary antibody (HRP-conjugated goat anti-rabbit antibody, for example Chemicon Catalog Number AP132P, diluted appropriately) 1 h at room temperature.

      10. Wash 4 x 10 min. with PBS-0.1% tween 20.

      11. Perform ECL with commercial kits (Chemilucent, Chemicon Catalog Number 2600).
      Biological Information
      ImmunogenPurified peptide from amino acids 182-194 of rat SSTR4 (Accession number P30937). The immunogen sequence is identical in mouse and 12/13 identical in human.
      ConcentrationPlease refer to the Certificate of Analysis for the lot-specific concentration.
      SpecificityRecognizes Somatostatin Receptor Type 4 (SSTR4).
      Species Reactivity
      • Rat
      Antibody TypePolyclonal Antibody
      Entrez Gene Number
      Entrez Gene SummarySomatostatin acts at many sites to inhibit the release of many hormones and other secretory proteins. The biologic effects of somatostatin are probably mediated by a family of G protein-coupled receptors that are expressed in a tissue-specific manner. SSTR4 is a member of the superfamily of receptors having seven transmembrane segments and is expressed in highest levels in fetal and adult brain and lung.
      Gene Symbol
      • SSTR4
      • SS4R
      UniProt Number
      UniProt SummaryFUNCTION: SwissProt: P31391 # Receptor for somatostatin-14. The activity of this receptor is mediated by G proteins which inhibits adenylyl cyclase. It is functionally coupled not only to inhibition of adenylate cyclase, but also to activation of both arachidonate release and mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase cascade. Mediates antiproliferative action of somatostatin in tumor cells.
      SIZE: 388 amino acids; 41895 Da
      SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Cell membrane; Multi-pass membrane protein.
      TISSUE SPECIFICITY: Specifically expressed in fetal and adult brain, lung tissue, stomach, and in lesser quantities in the kidney, pituitary and adrenals.
      SIMILARITY: SwissProt: P31391 ## Belongs to the G-protein coupled receptor 1 family.
      Physicochemical Information
      Materials Information
      Toxicological Information
      Safety Information according to GHS
      Safety Information
      Product Usage Statements
      Usage Statement
      • Unless otherwise stated in our catalog or other company documentation accompanying the product(s), our products are intended for research use only and are not to be used for any other purpose, which includes but is not limited to, unauthorized commercial uses, in vitro diagnostic uses, ex vivo or in vivo therapeutic uses or any type of consumption or application to humans or animals.
      Storage and Shipping Information
      Storage ConditionsMaintain lyophilized material at -20°C for up to 12 months after date of receipt. After reconstitution maintain at -20°C in undiluted aliquots for up to 6 months. Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
      Packaging Information
      Material Size200 µL
      Transport Information
      Supplemental Information

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