Product Information
ApplicationAmmonium iron(III) citrate about 18% Fe DAC. CAS 1185-57-5, pH 6 - 8 (100 g/l, H₂O, 20 °C).
Biological Information
Physicochemical Information
pH value6 - 8 (100 g/l, H₂O, 20 °C)
Solubility1200 g/l
Materials Information
Toxicological Information
LD 50 oralLD50 Rat > 2000 mg/kg
Safety Information according to GHS
Storage class10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGKWGK 1 slightly hazardous to water
Relatively unreactive organic reagents should be collected in container A. If halogenated, they should be collected in container B. For solid residues use container C.
Safety Information
Product Usage Statements
Storage and Shipping Information
StorageStorage temperature: no restrictions.
Packaging Information
Transport Information
Declaration (railroad and road) ADR, RIDKein Gefahrgut
Declaration (transport by air) IATA-DGRNo Dangerous Good
Declaration (transport by sea) IMDG-CodeNo Dangerous Good
Supplemental Information
Assay (iodometric, Fe calculated on dried substance)17.1 - 18.9 %
Identity (ammonia)passes test
Identity (Fe)passes test
Identity (Citrate)passes test
Appearance of solution (100 g/l, water)Yellow brown solution without sediment.
pH (100 g/l, water)6.0 - 8.0
Chloride (Cl)≤ 500 ppm
Sulfate (SO₄)≤ 1.5 %
Heavy metals (as Pb)≤ 50 ppm
Al (Aluminium)≤ 50 ppm
As (Arsenic)≤ 4 ppm
As (Arsenic) (ICP)≤ 4 ppm
Co (Cobalt)*≤ 50 ppm
Cu (Copper)*≤ 30 ppm
Ni (Nickel)*≤ 100 ppm
V (Vanadium)*≤ 50 ppm
Residual solvents (Ph Eur/ICH)excluded by manufacturing process
Fe(III) (not to fast complex)passes test
Tartrate (C₄H₄O₆)passes test
Loss on Drying (105 °C)≤ 6.0 %
Elementverunreinigungen gemäß der Leitlinie ICH Q3D (Guideline for Elemental Impurities) sind in der Spezifikation berücksichtigt. Elemente der Klassen 1-3 werden nicht oberhalb des Option-1-Limit gemäß ICH Q3D erwartet, wenn diese nicht spezifiziert und gekennzeichnet (*) sind.
Corresponds to DAC


Ammonium iron(III) citrate SDS


Safety Data Sheet (SDS) 

Ammonium iron(III) citrate Certificates of Analysis

Product Number PackagingSpecificationLot Number
1037621000 Plastic bottlePDF Specification Document
1037629029 Double PE SackPDF Specification Document



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