Solvent Resistant Stirred Cells

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Solvent resistant stirred cells for large volume concentration.Solvent Resistant Stirred Cells are constructed from stainless steel and borosilicate glass. It is designed to offer a rapid and efficient method for concentrating or desalting samples of up to 300 mL under high pressure. For applications requiring compatibility with solvents, stirred cells are available in two sizes.


  • Borosilicate glass cylinder and PTFE components for broad compatibility
  • Autoclavable with membrane in place
  • Top plate opening provides access to contents without dismantling
  • Few components - easy to clean and assemble
  • For 47 or 76 mm disc filters
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  • Removal or concentration of macrosolutes
  • Removal or exchange of buffers, solvents and microsolutes
*Certain aldehydes, ketones (e.g., acetone) and aliphatic ethers/ esters may reduce the life of the fluorocarbon O-rings. Please contact technical support for more information.