Custom Assay Development for Luminex® and ELISA

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/bmia-images/PB1411EN00_MSIG-1-thumb.jpgOur New Custom MILLIPLEX® MAP and ELISA Menu of Services is Now Available

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Merck:/Freestyle/BI-Bioscience/Protein-Detection/bmia-images/Toxicity-image.pngSee How Custom MILLIPLEX® MAP Assay for Luminex® Aided in Toxicity Testing at Bayer.


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High-performance Luminex® multiplex assays and ELISA kits

Your R&D breakthroughs depend on reliable, high-performing products and services. Our custom immunoassay and biomarker development services provide you with consistent performance and support for multiple platforms, including Luminex® and SMCxPRO™ instruments. Whether you need to develop new analytes or combine existing analytes into new multiplex panels, our innovative solutions accommodate high-throughput assay design and adaptation to new platforms for your biomarker screening needs.
Why customers choose our expert team for Custom Protein Immunoassay and Biomarker Development Services
  • We support multiple platforms: Luminex®, SMCxPRO™, and ELISA; and we take the same care in building your complete custom assay as we do our catalog offerings.
  • We consult with you from start to finish to meet your project needs. We offer a menu of assay validation options and criteria to help you plan for the best possible data while conserving sample volume and containing overall project cost.
  • We can adapt existing assays to new platforms for high performance, high-throughput and automation.
  • Custom assays are solution for large, long running, multi-site studies where lot matching is critical to ensure assay performance over time.
  • We run a 98% success rate on new analyte development projects because we start with a realistic feasibility assessment of all new projects. Let us screen from commercially available reagents or you may supply your specific standards and antibodies.
  • Access to our expert R&D Scientists. We build your project upon milestone accomplishments, with planned data reviews, updates and beta kit testing for real in-lab evaluation.
  • Performance reviewed and guaranteed prior to kit shipment. We ensure consistent performance for your samples based upon your criteria: assay development using your specific sample type, optimized assay ranges, lot-to-lot matching, reagent optimization, analyte cross-reactivity testing. Each custom kit comes complete with all reagents and unique protocol.

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